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Artificial Network Real-Time DDoS Attack Detection Service

BRE is proud to offer our Real-Time DDoS Attack Detection Service which leverages the latest advancements in machine learning to provide customers with real-time insight into DDoS attacks happening on their network. Customers of the service simply configure their routers to send anonymous high-level meta-data about their network traffic in the form of NetFlow messages to the BRE attack detection service. The service will aggregate the incoming NetFlow stream information and accurately identify when DDoS attacks are occurring. Alerts are distributed using the most advance and robust DDoS Alert messaging framework; the DDoS Alert Extension (DDoS-AE) ( which sends alerts via BGP as well as a variety of customizable alternative alert formats such as email or REST callbacks.

Key Benefits:

  • Real-time insight into DDoS Attacks on your network
  • Standardized message protocol: Supports NetFlow Collector Interface - no need to add any additional hardware or software to your existing network
  • Anonymous: Identifying customer information such as IP addresses can be completely removed from the NetFlow reports
  • Intelligent: Utilizing aggregate network flow information and an advanced neural network the detector can accurately identify DDoS attacks while minimizing false positive alerts
  • Always Learning: The neural network can continuously improve using open-source network attack services in conjunction with received customer NetFlow data
  • Robust Reporting: DDoS Alerts sent out using multiple interfaces and protocols allowing attack information to be distributed to users and devices that can support rapid attack mitigation

Use of the DDoS Alert Extension has been shown to protect large percentages of network routes.


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